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Why You Need More than a "Day Of" Planner

A lot of our couples come to us only desiring a "day of" planner. And while we know our strong, beautiful brides are fully capable of designing and planning everything themselves, many tend to forget one key element - your wedding is meant to be enjoyed! Doing all the heavy lifting makes it impossible to let go of stress, feel enjoyment, as well as have every detail perfect for your big day. That's where I come in. I don't just show up the day of. I work with you (typically beginning about a month prior to walking down the isle) to coordinate with vendors, create a timeline (The choreographed ballet between vendors, food, guests, and the venue), and get a feel of how you want your dream to come to fruition.

We understand that your budget is what drives all decisions wedding related. That's why my "Month of" package is comparable in price to other planner's "day of," yet you get so much more. Allow us to take your stress and worry away so that you can enjoy the best day of your life!

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