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Don't Break a Sweat! - 5 Reasons Your Corporate Event Needs a Planner

Let us do all the sweating for you! Imagine that you are getting ready to host a dinner party for your closest friends. You want the place spotless, you want the food and wine to be exquisite, and you want to look good yourself, right? You spend all day cooking, cleaning, trying on clothes. You finally find the perfect outfit to flatter the crowd with. Then inevitably, another task pops up last minute which causes you to break a sweat, and you're right back in the shower cleaning up again, hoping to beat the doorbell.

This kind of stressful planning is true for corporate events too! However, they are much bigger than house parties, with many more moving parts. Its something no one should have to tackle alone.

1. We're part of the staff!

You wouldn't skimp on catering, bartender, or live entertainment would you? We make the night more enjoyable and add to the smooooothness with which you impress your boss. Just like a wedding, timelines are key to the success of a corporate event. We'll keep the show moving, ensuring vendors are meeting their deadlines!

2. We do all the busy work

While you're kickin' back with a nice after work cocktail amongst your co-workers, we will make sure everything is going according to plan - so you don't have to! Just like any event, if you attempt to manage or direct, it usually detracts from your enjoyment. That includes setting up and tearing down tables, decorations, tents, etc.

3. We are your personal assistant

We understand that corporate events aren't always fun and games. You usually have to get down to business at some point. However, being outside the office creates new challenges. Not everything is always at your fingertips. But don't stress about it - we have it covered!

4. We're impressive

Due to covid, business travel is down. More and more people are working remotely or from home - not even changing out of pajamas to head to the "office." Many say this trend is here to stay. We say no. Business is done in person. You want to impress that high dollar client. Wine and dine them, go the extra mile to show you care about the relationships you have with your customers and business partners. That's where we come in.

5. We save you $$$

We have personal relationships and connections with venues, vendors, and caterers. That means discounted rates. We also know who to recommend for specific needs and who can be trusted to pull off specialized requests. You don't always have to spend money to make money. Its nice to save every now and then.

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